Who are we?

We are primarily an organization of business, professional and individual members who have joined together to work for collaborative solutions for commercial and business challenges.

Our main responsibility is to enrich the economy wellbeing or our community, preserve the business system and promote business growth and development. 


We are an institution in which volunteer manpower works effectively to make our community a better place to live and work. 

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Meet The Team

Mark Gnagy

President Elect

Fields of Gold

Diane Bowen


Kaitlyn Cooper

Board of Directors

Mildred Bowman

Board of Directors

Miriam Lamb

Board of Directors

Glaussia Hubers

Board of Directors

Elaine Hudnel

Board of Directors

Cora Bohach


Peter Boettger

Board of Directors

Chery Woodring


Hugh Sutton

Board of Directors


Meet Diana.

Our Executive Director.

Diana will always welcomes you with a smile. She is the person that welcomes everyone in Belhaven. 

The Chamber is a powerful voice that is used to influence both political and economic decisions on the local, state and federal level and we're so thankful for  hard working individuals like Diana who help us to keep our vision and mission as a group! 

When you visit Belhaven, make sure to stop by our welcome center and say hi!

We're always happy to meet new people!