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Become a Chamber Ambassador

Chamber Ambassador Program

1: an official envoy especially: a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment
2  a : an authorized representative or messenger
  b : an unofficial representative
A Chamber ambassador is very much as described in the definition 2a&b above. As a Chamber Ambassador, the person or persons would oversee making sure information is distributed from point a) The Belhaven Community Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center,  to point b) a designated area in the persons assigned area.
Examples of distributing information –
1)    Distribute the monthly Chamber newsletter to designated areas as assigned. Could be your business, town, neighborhood, park, boat ramp, or ferry landing. Ambassador Olga Friend gets 27 newsletters each month and takes them to each person in the Dowry Creek neighborhood. Could be that you have a friend that has a busy restaurant in Bath, Manteo, or even Raleigh area – you could take them several for their patrons to read. Maybe you know of a town official that could share it with their office or residents.
2)    Share any pertinent information from the Chamber Social Networks to anyone in your social network. Ex – if you see a Facebook post regarding something going on in the town and you know someone that may be particularly interested – you could share that with them. If an event is coming to town that you want everyone to know about – you could share those posts. If you are not on social media – you could still share information by whatever means works best for you.
3)    Highlight activities and events that the town and/or Chamber are promoting that would be of interest to a group that you are familiar with or a member of. For ex: if you know there is a fishing tournament coming up, and you know a group of fishermen, you could share the information (and answer questions) regarding the upcoming tournament.
4)    Relay Sponsor opportunities mentioned in the Newsletter to anyone you may know that is interested in any of the activities that event supports.
5)    Promote the efforts of the Chamber to anyone interested!
Information BACK to the Chamber –
1)    The Ambassador would also make sure to share information about their business, town, or neighborhood TO the Chamber to make sure the information is shared with our members.
2)    Ambassadors would also let the Chamber know of any activities that our member base may be interested in. Example – Earth Day activities around town / special Gala or dance / Fund Raisers
3)    Provide any feedback about the Chambers efforts – good or bad.
4)    Let the Chamber know of potential new members (individual or business)
5)    Volunteer (if possible) for projects or to chair an event or activity.
Anyone can be an Ambassador that is interested in helping spread the word about Events in and around the community that the chamber serves, their neighborhood, their office, their best friends office, their Civic Group, HOA, Church, and the list goes on.

What to do if interested –
Provide your Contact information to Carol at the Chamber office. Establish your territory and determine what your needs are (visitor guides, newsletters, rack cards, brochures, any print material we have) and how and when you would like to distribute.

All Chamber Ambassadors will be listed in the monthly newsletter with their territory information –
Example – (these are fictitious)
Susan Swift is our Pantego Ambassador covering the areas of Lee Salon to the Fire Dept.
Ed Learner is our Pinetown Ambassador covering the area of Family Dollar / Dollar Tree to Acre Station.
Susie Q makes sure Bad Moms Coffee has newsletters each month
Joe Smythe distributes Visitors Guides on his trips to Manteo and the Outer Banks.

Right now we have Olga Friend as Dowry Creek Ambassador and Diana Lambeth as the Port Officer / Ambassador of visiting boaters to Belhaven.


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